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Austin, Texas
A liberal city in a conservative state, Austin, Texas hosted one of the most active chapters in the U.S., holding demos for several years, and playing a leading role in organizing one of the two Lesbian Avenger Pride Rides in 1994.
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Known Actions

May 31, 1993. Avengers invade the state capitol building to protest Texas sodomy laws, lobbing paper airplanes and stinkbombs and stringing up banners.

April 17, 1994. Avengers dump a three-foot pile of horse manure near a Baptist church marquee which said: "Don't be deceived, homosexuals commit the most heinous crimes in America."

June 16-24, 1994. Pride Ride. One of the most ambitious joint actions, Avengers from all over the country converge on New York for the International Dyke March and Stonewall 25. One caravan of Avengers crosses through the Midwest from Minneapolis via Lansing and Pittsburgh staging visibility actions on the way. Another caravan takes a southerly route, originating in Austin.


Austin Avengers

Date formed: 1993

First action: May 31, 1993


Avg. at meetings:

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