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Telethon and Fundraiser
Wed. May 15, 2013
7-11 pm EST.
Online at Ustream.tv.

See what we're so excited about as we broadcast Lesbian Avengers Eat Fire, Too, an extraordinary look at the group's first year, from our initial groundbreaking demo in front of an elementary school in '92 to the incredible Dyke March in DC, where the Avengers ate fire in front of the White House, cheered on by an enormous crowd.

In between showings we'll celebrate your donations to help re-release the movie with a little happy lesbian dance.


Lesbian Avengers
and the East Village—
Crucible of Change

Roundtable and panel
Sat. Oct. 13, 2012, 3 pm EST.
The Dixon Place Lounge
161A Chrystie St.
or online at Ustream.tv.

Where did these radical dykes come from? Join us, as we explore the contributions of New York's 1992 East Village, hotbed of dyke activism and dyke art, and laboratory of queer identity.

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