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This year and next we focus on the mobile exhibits and events celebrating Lesbian Avengers 25, sharing our accomplishments and skills, and encouraging new activists to go forth and wreak havoc for the sake of dyke lives.

Exhibits, Panels, Screenings and Parties Worldwide!

We did it, and we'll do it again
Bureau of General Services Queer Division

The LGBTQ Center
208 W 13th St #210
New York, NY 10011

Fri. March 31, 2017 - through June 4, 2017

We did it, and we'll do it again! The Lesbian Avengers Mobile Exhibit 1.0 celebrates this direct action group formed 25 years ago during another surge of hardcore misogyny, and anti-gay, white Nationalist hate. Includes still photos, flyers, posters. Were you there? We welcome your participation. This mobile exhibit won't take on its final form until late April. In June, it will begin to pop up all over the country. Including a neighborhood near you!

Also exhibited, images of powerful women fighting AIDS worldwide from the new feature film, "Nothing Without Us," by Harriet Hirshorn and Mary Patierno. From New York to Nigeria. Burundi to the American South.

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past events

More at the Events Archive including the Project at World Pride, and at the Pink Life Festival in Turkey.

Direct Action: What Is It Good For?
Sat., March 22, 2014
Workshop at The DC Center for the LGBT Community
2000 14th Street NW Suite 105

Former Avenger and project director Kelly Cogswell joins ACT-UP veteran Wayne Turner for a community discussion.

Telethon and Fundraiser
Wed. May 15, 2013
7-11 pm EST.
Online at Ustream.tv.

See what we're so excited about as we broadcast Lesbian Avengers Eat Fire, Too, an extraordinary look at the group's first year. In between showings we'll celebrate your donations to help re-release the movie with a little happy lesbian dance.

Lesbian Avengers
and the East Village—
Crucible of Change

Roundtable and panel
Sat. Oct. 13, 2012, 3 pm EST.
The Dixon Place Lounge
161A Chrystie St.
or online at Ustream.tv.

Where did these radical dykes come from? Join us, as we explore the contributions of New York's 1992 East Village, hotbed of dyke activism and dyke art, and laboratory of queer identity.

More at the Events Archive including the Project at World Pride, and at the Pink Life Festival in Turkey.

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