Bring the Avengers to a New Generation

img vhsOur big goal this year is to re-release the 1993 documentary video, Lesbian Avengers Eat Fire, Too, edited by Janet Baus and Su Friedrich. Twenty years after this remarkable work first empowered lesbians all over the world, it's time to share it with a new generation. Subtitled in Spanish and French, closed-captioned in English, we'll make it available online for free. That's right, free. So every dyke in the universe will be a click away from our story. We're also offering a shorter version, better for classroom use. Total cost of editing and subtitling: $3000. Watch our Progress.



Even a couple bucks helps. Our sponsor, Homocom, is a nonprofit, so your gift is tax-deductible. Almost every penny goes directly to project-related expenses.

$75 transcribes one oral history
$500 shoots one video interview and gets an excerpt online
$750 adds Spanish (or French or ...) subtitles to LA Eat Fire, Too.
$1000 sponsors a traveling exhibit

Support the Project

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Open your closet and root out flyers, photographs or news clippings to share.


Drop us a line at info at lesbianavengers dot com to get started. More info about documenting Lesbian Avenger chapters is here.

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