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image direct action promo Since the Lesbian Avenger Documentary Project, took off, we've shared information online, held direct action workshops, put on small mobile exhibits, and made the 1993 documentary Lesbian Avengers Eat Fire Too available online for free, even added a French version of the website.

None of this would have been possible without your support. So thank you!

We've got even bigger plans for 2017 — the 25th anniversary of the Lesbian Avengers, and 25 years of Dyke Marches! We're putting more resources online, creating a new mobile exhibit flexible enough to incorporate local dyke histories and collect new voices, and creating links between activist movements worldwide.

Everything we do is geared not only to sharing our histories, but encouraging new activists to go forth and wreak havoc for the sake of dyke lives.

If you've got a few extra dollars, we could really use them.


All donations to Lesbian Avenger Documentary Project via Homocom 501(c)3 are tax-deductible. Almost 100% goes towards project work including website expenses, printing, tech help, and the like. Another small fraction sustains Homocom's website and the free archives of previous projects.



Even a couple bucks helps. Our sponsor, Homocom, is a nonprofit, so your gift is tax-deductible. Almost every penny goes directly to project-related expenses.

Join us in 2017

As we work with a broad group of dykes to
Design, print, and ship traveling exhibits
Subtitle and screen the 1993 documentary Lesbian Avengers Eat Fire Too
Use exhibits to collect and present more oral histories
Edit and incorporate new material

Support the Project

Be the point person for an exhibit or festival in your area.
Friend the project on Facebook, or follow us on Twitter to receive occasional updates.
A former Avenger? Tell your story, or help others tell theirs.
Open your closet and root out flyers, photographs or news clippings to share.


Drop us a line at info at lesbianavengers dot com to get started. More info about documenting Lesbian Avenger chapters is here.

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