San Francisco Lesbian Avengers
San Fran Avengers take to the streets with the defiant message, "We Recruit."
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San Francisco
Inspired by the New York Lesbian Avengers and the first ever Dyke March held in Washington, DC in March 1993, the San Francisco group was one of the most active chapters in the United States, and organizer of some of the Avengers most legendary actions including the plague of crickets visited upon the house of the "ex-gay" project Exodus International.
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June. Dyke March and Pride. Featuring a four-foot bomb.

Oct. 23. Joan Baker march and rally. A political funeral calling attention to the fact lesbians also get AIDS.

Nov. 5. Badlands Bar takeover.

Dec. Coming Out for the Holidays. Action with W.A.C. (Women's Action Coalition) featuring dyke Santas!


Jan. 1994. Bobbit-que. A weeny roast bringing attention to Lorena Bobbit (who cut off her abusive husband's...sausage) and Sharon Bottoms, a lesbian who lost custody of her children in Virginia. Fact sheets about domestic violence, legal statutes regarding women and lesbians.

Feb. Camp Sister Spirit. Support of besieged women.

May. Castro on the Rag. Bringing attention to lesbians in the Castro

June. Dyke March and Pride.

August. Lesbians Get AIDS protest. Demo focusing on Center for Disease Control

No on Prop. 187

Oct. 11. National Coming Out Day

Nov. Flush Pete campaign

Nov. Kate's Kitchen protest

Dec. Holiday Actions

Dec. Dykespeak Amazon Award


Jan. Smell the Fuse protest. Wilson's inauguration

March 11. Avenging Tongues benefit

Actions for Office of Citizen Complaints (OCC) Reform

Feb. 9. Exodus International Action. San Rafael, Ca. Bringing much-needed attention to "conversion programs" devastating LGBT people, five Avengers stormed the organization's headquarters, carrying signs and chanting as they released 1,000 "locusts" (crickets) in an attempt to shut the operation down. The Exodus staff watched dumbfounded as a swarming pile of crickets spread across their office floor. One woman picked up the phone and dialed 911, shaking as she said, "There are lesbians here with bugs." By the time she was able to convince the police that it wasn't a prank call, the Avengers were on their way back to San Francisco.

Feb. Boob-a-licious Crotch-a-rama Valentine's party

April. KSFO Full of Shit

June. Pride and Dyke March

June and July. Mumia Abu-Jamal campaign

July 8. Chowchilla Demonstration. For medical care for women prisoners.


March-Sept. No on Prop. 209

July. Republican National Convention


Feb. Cable Car Awards

May. Voice Bomb


San Francisco Avengers


Founders: Judith Cohen and...

Avg. at meetings: ??

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photo san fran avengers

photo san fran avengers

photo san fran avengers

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