Library of Images

Images were key in the Avenger fight for lesbian visibility and respect. Actions planned for their visual impact were caught by Avenger photographers and sent quickly to the press.

Everything from flyers to manifestos were carefully designed to express the Avengers' unique blend of humor and outrage.

Photos 1992-1993

Include shrine, Alice B. Toklas Action, Dyke March in D.C., trip to Tampa, and Dyke March in NYC.

Photos 1994-1995

Include dancing in Grand Central, 2nd NYC Dyke March, and Alice Austin action, and Hate Radio demo.

washington or bust
Design Highlights

Painter and graphic designer, Carrie Moyer, played a huge role in establishing the Avengers' visual identity. Check out logos, flyers, and other designs annotated by the artist herself.

image from dyke march 2010

A brief video documenting the 18th Annual NYC Dyke March.

Coming soon, interviews with former Avengers.

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