The Avengers went national right here in DC when they got 20,000 lesbians in the streets the night before the 1993 March on Washington for Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Rights and Liberation. In front of the White House, a dozen Lesbian Avengers stunned the crowd by dramatically eating fire.

"Out for Power" in their first Dyke March ever, lesbians didn't stop after DC. They went home, manifestos in hand, and launched their own Avenger groups until there was a full-fledged movement with chapters springing up all over the United States, as well as in Canada, the UK, Australia, and elsewhere. Dyke Marches, still held worldwide, are one of the Lesbian Avengers' lasting legacies.

This video is an excerpt of the 1993 documentary video, Lesbian Avengers Eat Fire, Too, produced and copyrighted by the Lesbian Avengers.


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Lesbian Avengers
Eat Fire, Too

Produced by
The Lesbian Avengers

Directed and edited by
Janet Baus
Su Friedrich

Janet Baus
Jean Carlomusto
Julie Clark
Su Friedrich
Harriet Hirshorn
Kristina Deutsch
Alison Froling
Lisa Guido
Phyllis Lutsky
Dolly Meiran
Morgan Grenwald

Avengers Everywhere
Caroline Buckler
Cynthia Carr
Linda Chapman
Norman Cowie
Kristina Deutsch
Samara Halperin
Kathy High
Anastasia Kedroe
Phyllis Lutsky
Mary Patierno
Carrie Martin
Stacey Morris
Avery Revere
Sue Schaffner
Ana Simo
The New Orleans
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